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Asya Klimova

Asya specialises in customer research and customer development for business clients, but also uses her skills to help activists and non-profit organisations understand their audience and improve the products and services they provide. At CampCamp she will hold a workshop on quick and affordable audience research tools.

Nikola Pisarev

Nikola is an art historian and activist. As the program director with Contemporary Art Center Skopje and works on projects dedicated to the improvement of cultural and social life of communities in Macedonia and wider region of western Balkans. Nikola is the author of many well-known projects in the Balkans, such as PhotoVoice, Mobile/Montage Gallery and Citizens Activator. He is also the founder of numerous civic groups,  including Initiative for saving Radika River and Initiative Arsena for clean drinking water in the town of Gevgleija.  

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Alexander Minkin

Alexander is the director of The Noon Studio for Gaming Solutions. As a professional game designer and developer of educational programmes, he organises productive thinking sessions using Design Thinking and other problem solving methodologies. He also designs educational games for various platforms.

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Linor Goralik

Linor is a marketing consultant specializing in digital marketing, content marketing and narrative marketing. She especially enjoys taking on innovative and controversial projects. Her customers include Philip Morris, Yandex, SkyEng, YDF, OCCRP, Exante, and others.

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Irina Leu

Irina has worked as an editor and content producer for mobile applications and web projects, including a chatbot providing information about public services, and an app that teaches drivers about Russian and Belarussian traffic laws. Irina has eight years of experience writing texts, slogans and stories for commercial and non-profit projects and presentations. 

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Kristina Vazovsky

Kristina lives in London and hosts three iTunes topping Russian language podcasts: "This Is A Fail," "Good Day, Kristina!" and “Am I Ghana Die?” She is the co-founder of the podcast studio Jingle & Bells.

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Vlad Krilevskiy

Vlad is a social media video producer with the Ukrainian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. He graduated from the School of Journalism at the Ukrainian Catholic University and now teaches video production to activists and students around the world.

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Andry Matveev

Andrey has advised clients in finance, hospitality and other industries on training and management techniques. In 2013, Andrey trained volunteers campaigning for candidates in the Moscow mayoral race. The methods he developed have since become standard practice for all major municipal and federal elections across Russia.

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Rebecca Bray

Based in Catskill, New York, Rebecca Bray is an experienced designer, installation artist, educator and trainer. She is the Managing Director of the Center for Artistic Activism (C4AA.org), where she helps artists engage in social practice and activists use more artistry in their work for social change through global workshops and trainings.

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Julia Frolova

Julia is the director of “Committee Against Torture” Foundation. A human rights NGO with the same name has been providing legal assistance to the victims of torture for over 19 years, and the foundation was established to raise funds for the medical treatment and rehabilitation of torture victims. The first crowdfunding campaign of the foundation raised more than  half million roubles (7,500 USD). At CampCamp2019 Julia will share how the campaign happened and what it means for  human rights NGOs in Russia.

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Nijat Mammadbayli

Nijat is an activist from Azerbaijan, a lawyer by training and a troubleshooter by nature. He has led successful civil society campaigns in Azerbaijan. 


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Franak Viačorka

Franak is the Vice President of the Digital Communication Network and Creative Director of RFE/RL's Belarus service. He is the co-author of several award-winning multimedia projects, documentaries, and feature films. Franak conducted more than 100 training courses on digital communication and new media for activists and journalists. He is a graduate of  American University in Washington, D.C. and Warsaw University in Poland. He has also studied at Georgetown University, College of Europe and The European Humanities University.

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Ulan Usoiun

Ulan is the founder and director of the Kochmon-Nomad Public Fund which organizses large scale educational and cultural events to  civic engagement of the rural population in Kyrgyzstan. He has organised  «Kyz Kydyry», the largest event ever held in Kyrgyzstan on the International Day of the Girl Child. Ulan was also a co-producer of a theatrical performance about the accessibility of justice in Kyrgyzstan that sparked a national debate.  

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Lena Shkarubo

Lena is a founder and CEO at MeetnGreetMe.com, a platform offering social concierge services for world travellers delivered by local people. She is also a director at Demium Startups Minsk Business Incubator, a German Marshall Fund fellow, a member of the U.S. State Department’s SPARK initiative to promote women and youth entrepreneurship globally, and a mentor at Her Rights.

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Hayk Asriyants

Hayk Asriyants is the co-founder of Tbilisi Startup Bureau, one of the key supporters of the development of Georgia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. In 2015, Hayk received the Global Entrepreneurship Network Award. In 2016, he was included in the New Europe 100 list and recognised as one of the 100 change makers in Central and Eastern Europe by The Financial Times, Google, Res Publica journal, and the Visegrad fund. His passion is mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. He is a co-organizer of Fuckup Nights Tbilisi. 

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Murat Daniar 

Murat launched his YouTube channel just a year and a half ago, and already has 119 thousand followers. In his vlogs, Murat discusses social issues, comments on current affairs and does “trash reviews” of lowbrow Kazakh TV shows. He encourages his viewers to follow politics and be active in civil society.

Ana-Maria Popa

Ana-Maria is a civic and eco activist and member of the Moldovan collective Occupy Guguță. She is interested in the power of music for community-building, and is currently researching the development of civil society in Moldova for her MA Degree in Human Rights at the University of Padua.

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Natalia Timofeeva

Natalia is a community manager and programme coordinator at  the Sisters Centre, an organisation which helps victims of sexualised violence and their relatives. Natalia works to change the public's attitude toward those who have suffered sexualised violence and to develop sensitive language with which to discuss traumatising experiences. 


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Victoria Fedorova

Victoria is an international human rights lawyer from Belarus specialising in public interest law, citizens’ rights and defence against torture. In 2015, as part of the Human Rights Defenders Against Torture Initiative, she monitored administrative detentions. That same year she submitted a report to the UN Committee Against Torture. Since 2017 she has been the chairman of the NGO Legal Initiative.

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Eldana Satybaldieva

Eldana is an independent blogger from Kyrgyzstan. She creates sincere videos for young people about her life with a touch of humor. In her videos she advocates gender equality, living a conscientious lifestyle and deconstructs common social stereotypes. She speaks publicly on LGBT rights and ecology, and has held a public workshop on recycling. 

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Tanya Lokshina

Tanya is Russia Programme Director and a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch Moscow. She has written and researched several reports on abuses in Russia’s North Caucasus and co-authored a report on violations of international humanitarian law during the 2008 armed conflict in Georgia. She wrote “Chechnya Inside Out” and “Imposition of a Fake Political Settlement in the Northern Caucasus”. Her recent publications cover repressions against critics of the Russian government and violations of humanitarian law in Eastern Ukraine. She won the 2006 Andrei Sakharov Award for Journalism as an Act of Conscience.

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Makhabbat Yespenova

Makhabbat is an experienced consultant, trainer and expert in organizational development from Kazakhstan. Makhabbat has more than 25 years of experience in management and grant management of social projects and programs to promote community driven development. She has been designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation programs for more than a decade, and has delivered hundreds of training sessions on NGO capacity development. Makhabbat is also  a professional mediator and social entrepreneur.

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Vlada Ciobanu

Vlada is an activist, blogger and good citizen. She helps to organise public consultations to inform citizens about how they can be more involved in the decision making-process at the local government level. She also works on projects to tackle corruption. She is a trainer in community organising, communications and fundraising. She believes Moldova is a land of opportunity for well-intentioned people. 

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Olga Morozova

Olga is the author of the newsletter Expresso, which comes out three times per week and covers the most interesting events around the world from the author’s unique perspective. At just four years old, Expresso has more than 20,000 subscribers, and thanks to its loyal readership, earns $1,000 per month on Patreon. 

Alexander Todorchuk

Alexander is the creative Director of Gres Todorchuk PR — the only PR Agency in Ukraine that specializes exclusively  in cultural, social and educational projects. Alexander founded the humanist movement UAnimals and organized the all-Ukrainian March For Animals. This year, the event was attended by thousands of people and was simultaneously held in 24 cities across Ukraine, as well as at the polar station in Antarctica. 

Yulia Panich

Yulia is the founder of Debate Club, a former journalist and political observer. For more than 10 years she has worked in the field of informal education, and has worked in conflict zones in the post-Soviet space. She has coordinated programs implementing confidence-building measures at the governmental and civic levels. Her coaching portfolio includes modules on negotiation, debate, strategic planning, effective communication, and management.

Mihai Avram

Mihai is an innovator from the Republic of Moldova who works mostly on fundraising and citizen engagement in local governance. For his CampCamp seminar, Mihai will talk about how to use data for smarter decision making and how to  involve citizens in local governance with simple online tools. This includes tips on how to make use of data visualisation and mapping to better ensure online engagement.

Marischa Weiser

Marischa runs a capacity building project in the department of Active Citizenship at MitOst. With a background in cultural management and international relations, she co-created with civil society groups and partners in Turkey and Greece a Do it Yourself Approach for organizational development. It’s a Toolbox with which civil society actors can improve how they act, collaborate and create impact in their team, organisation and within the community they serve. Recently, she co-created a new school format called horizontal school in which MitOst provides trainings in self-directed learning, facilitation, organizational development and project management. 

Andre Lutenco

Andre is part of the OccupyGuguță in Chisinau, a permanent protest movement in defence of democracy. He is a founding member of the Center for Policies and Reforms, an NGO focusing on monitoring public policies, promoting good governance and citizens' engagement in Moldova. He is also a co-founder and contributor to the sic.md fact-checking and analysis platform. 

Nata Munteanu

Nata is a founder of Teamwork.md, a video production company, and a founding member of Influencers Hub Moldova. Nata was among the first creators of online video products in Moldova in 2008, and has produced thousands of videos since. Now she creates impactful videos for organisations and companies like the OSCE, ATIC, Chemonics, IREX, Moldcell, Avon, Berlin Chemie, Lumity (UK) and  Bold and Bare (Dubai).